Saturday, 25 April 2020

#Stand at Dawn

 Our family got up early this morning, and together with many of our neighbours, stood at our letterboxes (in our bubbles, and remembering social distancing), for the #Stand at Dawn.

Izak wore his Air Cadets uniform, and Monica played 'The Last Post' on the saxophone - which was appreciated by the neighbours (although probably not by those who were trying to have a sleep-in!)

We decorated our fence with poppies, and wore felt poppies I made last night with scraps of fabric and buttons I found in the sewing box. Later, I tried to make Anzac biscuits, but I must have got something slightly wrong, as they were very crunchy (and just a little black on the bottom!) 

Has anyone else made Anzac biscuits this weekend? If you have, you'll have to give me some tips!

My failed Anzac biscuits and some poppies I found on my walk today.

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