Thursday, 23 April 2020

Easter Challenge Champion

The entries for the Easter challenges were all amazing. I continue to be impressed by the creativity and talents among our young people.

I want to make special mention of the awesome photography skills of Angie, the 'outside the box' (or 'outside the bubble' perhaps!) thinking of Mareijke and family, for their chalk cross on the footpath and Jack, who I am crowning Quiz-Master - as he has entered every quiz so far!

But this week, we have an overall D.A.T. | Chapel Street Challenge Champion! The prize goes to someone who has entered every single challenge in the Easter Challenge Week. She has crafted, coloured, constructed, created, quizzed and collected. Congratulations to our Champion of the Week...


Sophia's Easter baking: yoghurt bark


  1. Yay awesome!!!! Thanks for keeping our kids super busy Mel - it has been a great help in our bubble to keep little minds busy :)

  2. Awesome!!! Thanks for all your hard work Mel. So great to keep little minds busy within our bubbles. Sophia has loved doing all the challenges :)


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