Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Awesome Kids' Challenge No. 3

YOU'RE A STAR IN GOD'S EYES    This week's challenge is...

First, think of someone in your family - it might be your brother or sister, parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle... then tell us something special about that person. It might be that they are super good at reading you stories, helping you with your homework, they are great at cheering you up when you're sad. Maybe they are a brilliant trombone player, a speed-knitter, or perhaps they make the best chicken soup.

You've got a bit of extra time with this one... the deadline is 29th March. All entries will receive a prize at our Camp Service on 30th March. So, get thinking... and we look forward to reading all about your special person.

Congratulations to last weeks winners: Ella, Quinn, Jamie, Dylan and Monica.


  1. My Dad and my brother both take AMAZING photos. :o)

  2. My mum helps me with my homework and my reading. ALEX

  3. Dad helps me with building things. He’s really good at measuring.

  4. Berith and Catherine28 March 2014 at 20:33

    My Nana has an awesome sense of humor and cheers us up whenever we are sad.

  5. My Aunty Mel is a great dressing up like a witch for my parties.

  6. My dad is good at fixing things.

  7. Well done to all those Awesome Kids who entered the 'You're a Star' challenge. It was fantastic reading all about your special people. Check back soon for the next challenge!


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