Sunday, 26 April 2020

Awesome Adults take up the Challenge!

Check out the cool egg-carton poppies, made by Phil Parton and his daughter, Catherine. They are definitely in the running for a chocolate prize, having taken up the Make a Poppy Challenge, Decorate Your Letterbox/Stand at Dawn and baked Anzac biscuits... not to mention leaving lovely comments on the blog! Go Team Parton!!!

Phil lives just down the road from us, and here is a lovely message we received from them this morning:

Thank you for the beautiful version of the Last Post during Stand At Dawn - we heard you from further down the street. All our immediate neighbours were also at our letter boxes and we all loved hearing it echo across. Dad (Phil) and I made egg crate poppies which are strung up between our letter box and our immediate next door neighbours.

Our ANZAC biscuits were not entirely successful (too crumbly) but pretty tasty. Not as flash as Dylan's chocolate ones. They look amazing!!

Loving reading the journalist reports on interviewing their grandparents too - please keep those coming :-)

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