Tuesday, 25 October 2016

FISH report

We had FISH night a few weeks ago, our family fun night. After a take-away tea we joined in some games. Father and son Bernard and Tom proved themselves to be champions of 'Hagoo' - where you 'walk the gauntlet', trying to make your opponent smile. Both of them, without a glimmer of a grin, were able to stare down the competition causing their opponents to explode in laughter.

Poisonous Ball and Bodyguard provided the chance to get a little more active, and our brains were challenged in The Mystery Box and Giant Pictionary games.

Our next FISH night will be on Saturday 26th November. Hope you can join us!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Surprise Visitors at Church

Last Sunday we celebrated St Francis of Assisi Day, and had a Blessing of the Animals.

We had some wonderful visitors at the Chapel Street Centre. The most surprising guest was a big green dinosaur... I'm not sure where she came from! There was also Butterscotch the toy horse, who neighed when you pressed her ear; Hadja the gorgeous cuddly teddy bear, a variety of animal puppets... and two real live animals! Gavin the Cat meowed through the service, and afterwards enjoyed exploring the Awesome Room, including the cupboards! Milo the rabbit hopped about our circle of children in church, as I told the story of the Mouse and the Lion.

Milo sat on my knee for a while as I talked, and I really enjoyed patting her soft silky fur. It made me feel very calm and happy (which was good, because I was a bit nervous about doing the children's talk!)

Thank God for the animals, for those that fly and roam free in the wild, and for our pets who give us comfort, companionship and help people in so many ways.

And as in the story of the Lion and the Mouse, even if we are young or small, we only need a little bit of faith to be able to share God's love in the big wide world and do amazing things.

As 6 year old Caleb so beautifully summed it up, "Even if you're small, you can do big stuff!"

Check out the photos below, and click on the link at the bottom to view more.

Milo the rabbit

Gavin the cat

Fingerprint animal artwork

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