Thursday, 29 March 2018

Easter Services

Good Friday (30th March):
Service at 10am, followed by hot cross buns for morning tea.

Easter Sunday  (1st March):
Easter Service (with Holy Communion) at 10am.

Palm Sunday crosses

Our Awesome Kids created some crosses by weaving flax. Thanks Carol and Bee for teaching them how to make them! They look stunning!

Palm Sunday - is a time to remember the day Jesus came into Jerusalem and everyone was pleased to see him. They had a parade for him, sang and waved palm branches. 

Why palm branches? In that place, in that time, there were lots of hot, dry, dusty deserts and when people had to travel through them they looked for a safe place to stop and rest. They would look for an oasis in the desert, a lake to get fresh water. At the lake there would be palm trees. No shade sails or sunhats in those days, but the palm trees gave them a shady place to take a break. Travellers would look for those tall, feathery palm trees waving - and they were kind of like a sign saying "Over here! This way! Here's a safe spot for you to rest".

So the palm trees became a symbol for welcome and safety, for rest and sanctuary and love... a symbol for home. So the people in Jerusalem waved palm branches to let Jesus know he was safe, he was loved and he was home. The story and the palm branches remind us also that here are church we have a home, a family, a place where we are loved and welcomed... and that God loves us very much. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

FISH this Saturday 17 March

Join us this Saturday night for our family fun night, FISH, at the Chapel Street Centre. We kick off at 5pm in the Awesome Kids' room (lounge) to eat together. Bring your own tea for your family. After we've eaten we'll move through to the hall for some games and challenges for the whole family. Bring a friend, all welcome!

Friday, 9 March 2018

Buttons come and buttons go...

Hi Awesome families!

Join Carol and I for Awesome Time this Sunday, where we will meet Pete the Cat. Pete the cat just loves his favourite shirt with its four groovy buttons... but what happens when one by one those buttons pop off and roll away? (Those of you who were at camp will be able to help us out with this!)

The bible tells us that some days are just like that. Sometimes things just don't go right. But, the really awesome thing is that no matter what happens, no matter where we go, God is always with us and LOVES us so much. 

Come along on Sunday to find out what Pete does, do some singing with us, and make some fabulous Pete the Cat creations to hang in the Chapel Street Gallery. We will be using permanent pens, pastel crayons and collage... so it will be messy! If you have any cool fabric or groovy buttons you'd like to bring along to use on your own art, or have some to spare and share, that would be great!

There will also be AbsolUKE the ukulele group, after church, during morning tea (in the Awesome room). All are welcome!

Monday, 5 March 2018

Leilani - Softball Superstar!

Leilani & Monica
On the weekend, we were lucky to be invited to watch Leilani play in the Under 11 Softball Tournament. Leilani plays for the RKA, Richmond Keas.

We were just in time to see Leilani hit the most awesome home run, helping her team to win the game. They came 2nd overall in tournament, and Leilani was named MVP at the end of tournament presentations. Way to go Leilani!!! You are one incredibly awesome kid!

Watch Leilani's home run here:


Friday, 2 March 2018


 Last Sunday our Awesome Kids were very excited to be invited to contribute to an international art exhibition in Hong Kong.

The HeART Exhibition is being run by a friend of Awesome Leader Carol, and it is raising funds for children in orphanages in Nepal.

Our young people made three heart-themed pieces of art; one for the exhibition, one to keep and one to give to someone.

Here is Caleb with his wonderful creations!
Hard at work, creating heart art for the HeART exhibition. We did make a bit of a mess!

Spring Challenge!

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