Friday, 3 April 2020

Challenge Winners - Week 2

Congratulations to everyone who entered our Awesome Time Challenges during the week. I was so impressed by your talents and creativity!

Here are the winners of the challenges...

'Animal World' by Anaya

'Harvest Platter' by Sophia
Sophia created a beautiful crayon artwork for Harvest Festival, even studying artist Eric Carle to learn how to do shading. Anaya used pencils to create her amazing picture, titled 'Animal World'.

Mele's girls were the clear winners in the quiz based on the book, Red, with 100% correct. That must have been a combination of great listening and awesome teamwork! Jack and Sophia tied for second place. Congratulations!

The Master Chef Challenge was sooooo difficult to judge! In the end, we were so impressed with Sophia's two-course meal she cooked for her family, complete with menus! Sophia even made the pizza dough from scratch. Dylan's cooking video was fabulous too, if you haven't seen it yet do check it out HERE! Esther's afghan cookies looked delicious - I only wish I could have tasted them! Well done to you all, and to everyone who has been cooking or baking up a storm in the kitchen.

The vege characters were awesome, all of them! In the end, Brian the Broccoli won first place, because he looked like he had oodles of character, and we loved the alliteration used in his name. Well done, 'Emeline!

Keep an eye on the blog for new challenges, coming very soon!

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