Sunday, 29 June 2014

A stranger in our midst!

This morning we had a strange visitor at church... but then I discovered it was actually Izak in disguise!

Izak shared with us that the bible tells us God comes disguised as regular people, people who might not look that special, or even people we might think are sort of weird. Which means we might not always recognise God when God comes into our lives. Which is why the bible tells us we should try to be compassionate all the time and treat everyone we meet with kindness. Even if all we have is a cup of water to share...

We made 'Welcome' Trees... "Welcome everyone, and everyone welcome."

We welcomed everyone at church by sharing out tasty treats.

Some of the fantastic disguises our Awesome Kids created!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

How many hairs on your head?

Richard talks 'hair'.

This morning our Awesome Kids learnt 
about the verse in the bible (Matthew 10:30) 
that tells us God knows us so well, 
he even knows exactly how many hairs 
are on our head! Amazing!

Hamish leads the congregation in prayer.

"God, you have counted our every hair,
every wrinkle,
every cell.
And you love us.
Thank you for always being with us
and loving us...
no matter what.

Richard and Jillian showed us how to create wigs from paper - with some fantastic results! Check out the amazing creations in the photos below.

Jill the expert 'wig-maker' and team

Hamish, Izak and Rev Neti model the paper wigs

Rev Neti and Moe try on some of the Awesome Kids' creations!

More wig modelling...
Thank you everyone, for an awesome morning! Now every time we brush our hair (or put on a wig!) we will always remember that God knows everything about us and love us heaps.

Congratulations Monica

Monica ran in the Canterbury Primary Schools' Cross Country on Wednesday, and finished the 3km race in 2nd place. Monica will now compete in a fortnight's time in the final with the fastest 40 girls from primary and intermediate schools in Canterbury.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Musikool Kids' Teddy Bears' Tango

Horace the bear was hiding way up here this morning!

Friday 4th July will be our last session for the term, and we will have a Teddy Bears' Tango.

Make sure to bring your teddy bears, and you're welcome to dress up if you like.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Bean's Prayer

Every week, one of our Awesome Kids lead the congregation in prayer. This morning it was up to Ella (nickname = "Bean"), who was just fantastic.

What a wonderful world!

This morning we celebrated our wonderful world and created lots of collages representing different parts of our universe.

We were all very happy to see Livvie back, looking well recovered from the chicken pox!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Musikool Friends

Thanks to Ben's mum for sending in these beautiful shots of Ben and Lily walking hand in hand
out of Musikool Kids on Friday. Just gorgeous!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Clave songs

Here is a gorgeous photo of Emelia enjoying The Stick Song with claves. (Thanks Michelle for sending this picture in!) 

We also sang The Grandfather Clock and Rabbit Ears with the claves.

There were lots of smiles at the return of our good ole' favourite Rock-a-bye Your Bear and also Little Clown Dance.

Don't forget to put your song requests in for next week, by clicking on the Song Request page and making a comment.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Our Pentecost Party was Perfect!

What fun we had this morning, celebrating Pentecost Sunday and the birth of the church. We decorated cupcakes, made balloon & ribbon sticks and party hats with flames... and celebrated that God is always with each one of us, and loves us SO MUCH!

You can watch the video we played this morning, about the Pentecost story by clicking here:

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Birthday boys and cheeky monkeys!

Happy birthday to Travis, Harry and Peter. Thank you Peter's mum for bringing in these delicious treats for our morning tea today - what a great idea! (One that many of us mums will be borrowing for our next birthday parties!)

This week it was our five little monkeys that were hiding. Some of those cheeky monkeys had found some very good hiding places and we had to look very hard! We finally found them all and were able to put them on the parachute to sing 'Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed'.

Some of our cheeky monkeys in their hiding places!

Play time and story time after our music session

Friday, 6 June 2014

Birthday Invitation

Come along to our Pentecost Party this Sunday, to celebrate the birthday of the church.

We will be decorating cupcakes (yum!), making ribbon sticks and enjoying lots of party treats!

We're so proud of you!

It's fantastic when our Awesome Kids do well, and wonderful when they share news of their successes with us. We do so love hearing good news and enjoy celebrating with you all. Here are some recent successes from some of our Awesome Kids:

Congratulations to...

Catherine - who won the Amosa Fa'afoi Memorial Cup for the Top Pasifika Female, Supreme Academic Achievement in Canterbury! Wow!

Berith - who received an award for coming first in the SPACPAC Junior English Speech competition.

Dylan - whose poem was shortlisted in a national poetry competition and published on a kids' poetry website. You can read his poem here

Monica - who came 1st in the Northwest Zone Primary School cross country race, and will now go on to compete at the Canterbury cross country. She also came 2nd in her age group at the Christchurch Airport Marathon Kids' Event (running 3km in 12 minutes 3 seconds).

Well done to all of you! If anyone else has any good news to share with us, please don't be shy - let me know! 

Sunday, 1 June 2014


This morning our Awesome Kids talked about unity. We worked on separate pieces of a puzzle as individuals, then worked together as a team to put it together.

It didn't really make sense, until we flipped the puzzle over to reveal a whole picture.

One picture was of a group of people with brooms, working together - and the second picture was of their footprints.

Dave had a really cool contraption for us to experiment with...

For the hoop to spin, all the parts needed to work together... the battery, the wire, the magnet.

Here are Tom, Izak and Harry trying it out.

Spring Challenge!

Just a reminder that there is no Awesome Time, CHYPS or FISH until we are back at Level One. We are thinking of you all and hoping that it w...