Sunday, 29 March 2020

Vegetable Characters!

 Congratulations to the creators of our first vege characters! These are so cool!

From left to right we have...

1. Hanging in the window we have Tevunga's creation (named Pumpkin)
2. Also made by Tevunga, this one is called Ellie (and is sister to Pumpkin)!
3. This broccoli person is made by Peatalisa
5. I love the hairdo on Peatalisa's creation, named Rosanna
4. 'Emeline's creation is called 'Brian the Broccoli'!

And below, we have our first entry in the crayon art challenge... Sophia has drawn a Harvest Festival Platter, with all her favourite fruits!

Very impressive girls, now... what are you all cooking for dinner tonight? đŸ˜€

Drawing by Sophia

1 comment:

  1. Merilyn Henderson30 March 2020 at 07:54

    Fantastic! What a lot of talent!!


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