Friday, 27 March 2020

FISH: Family Fun Night | Lockdown Edition No.1

Welcome to the online version of FISH! Grab your family members and get together for an 'at-home' family fun night!

Here are some games and challenges for you to try.

At camp, we searched for forks which had been hidden earlier by Dave and myself. You could try this at home. Take turns to hide a number of forks around the house, and give the rest of the family a time limit to try and find them. The person who finds the most gets to have a turn at hiding them next time.

Using a plastic fork (if you have one, or otherwise see if you're allowed to borrow one from the kitchen drawer), turn the fork into the character Forky from Toy Story. If you don't have googly eyes or pipe cleaners, you could make eyes and arms from paper. Be creative!

Email your photo of Forky to me and I'll post it to the blog. There will be a prize for the best Forky!

Here's a clip from the movie, introducing Forky:

Give your family a jumbled up word and see if they can figure out what it is. Here's one from me...

You can enter online by clicking on the jumbled letters below:

Separate your group into two even teams and have them stand in two separate lines facing the opposite group. 

1) The players at the opposite ends of each line are opponents. They will step out of the lines, so they are facing each other and looking down the middle of the two rows (like an old cowboy shoot-off).

2) They will both say, “Hagoo” and start to walk down the row toward each other.

3) They must not break eye contact and the object is to get to the opposite end of the line without laughing or smiling.

4) When the players pass each other, they must continue to maintain eye contact.

If a person does break eye contact, laughs, or smiles, they then must join the end of the line of the opposing team.

The teams can do or say any silly things to make the opposing player crack up, but they must be careful not to make their own player lose concentration. The teams may NOT touch another player. This process will continue until everyone has had a turn. The team with the most players at the conclusion of the game, wins.

Hope you have fun with these activities... let me know how you get on! 

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