Monday, 2 March 2020

Mountaintop Experiences / On the Edge

Think about a time in your life when you reached an edge. When you had to make a choice, pick a path to follow, or make a really hard decision.Who or what helped you make the decision? The scriptures today were about hard decisions. Sometimes you know in your heart what the right choice is, but our friends might be telling us something different.

We are starting the season of Lent, which is all about making choices. Lent is also a bit like a journey. Imagine a journey along an edge... a physical edge like a beach, lakeside, rooftop, mountainside - or an edge within our community, maybe differences in cultures, backgrounds or ways of thinking or doing things.

We heard the story of Jesus and his friends on the mountain. The story is called The Transfiguration. Transfiguration means when something is changed in an amazing way. In this story, Jesus' appearance was changed dramatically and mysteriously. It was when it was revealed to some of Jesus's disciples that Jesus truly is the Son of God.  

In Hot Chocolate Club, we shared our Mountaintop Experiences... times when we were either literally on top of a mountain, or metaphorically. Times when we felt on top of the world. Times when we felt super close to God. Times when we felt full of wonder and awe. Times when we felt the love and peace and comfort of God flood over us.

We talked about ways we can reflect God's awesome light and love, in our daily life. We thought that every time we had a choice to make, if we stopped to think about what Jesus would do... what God would want us to do... it would help us to make the right decision.

Sometimes, when we have a choice to make, a big decision on our minds... it feels a bit like we are on the edge. We remember that God is with us through our journey, every step of the way, we just have to stop and let God guide is in our choices.

In pairs, we did a Lego-person photo shoot, going on a hunt for photos of our wee model living on the edge. It was a reminder that wherever we go, whatever choices we make, God is with us, loving us always.

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