Friday, 24 October 2014

Neti's answers

A few weeks ago, our Awesome Kids enjoyed a White Sunday Party with Rev Neti and Moe. The kids asked Neti a whole heap of fantastic questions, about his childhood, sport, talking to God, favourite colours... and there were a few tricky ones Neti had to think hard about!

Here is Neti's answer to Keegan's question, "How many books in the bible?"

"The bible is divided into two sections, or parts. They are called...
  1. The Old Testament (which has 39 books)
  2. The New Testament (which has 27 books)
This makes a total of 66 books altogether."

Thanks Keegan and Neti for a great question and answer! If any other Awesome Kids have a question for Neti, please let us know!

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