Friday, 3 October 2014

What Rules?

Do you like rules? Does your family have rules? What are the rules at school? Do you play a sport or game that has rules?

Knowing the rules means we know how to act, how to play the game, or what is expected. As we learn to live with other people and figure out the world around us, rules are very helpful.

In this week's story from the Bible, we learn about some rules God gave the people, called The Ten Commandments. Some of these rules you may have heard of, and they are pretty sensible rules which you will probably have at school and many other places. Here are a few of them:

- Don't take what is not yours.
- Don't tell lies about other people.
- Treat your mother and father with respect.

You might like to test your family's knowledge and see who can remember the other seven commandments! In the story from the bible, people asked Jesus which was the MOST important commandment of all. Do you know what Jesus said?

CLUE: "---- God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your mind. And ---- your neighbour as yourself." (See Mathew 22: 36-39).

Join Awesome Kids this Sunday Funday to find out more, and have fun with your friends at church. 

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