Sunday, 2 November 2014

Kyla's baptism

This morning we celebrated the baptism of Kyla.

Kyla's family and friends were there, and all the Awesome Kids to welcome her into our church family.

Emma and Monica read the bible readings and Jamie said a prayer.

Welcome Kyla!

We heard the story of poor little Tom, who received an invitation to the palace for Princess Kyla's birthday. He begged, borrowed and traded for ingredients to make a birthday cake to give her... a two layered vanilla cake, with ten candles and the reddest, ripest, plumpest, juciest strawberry in the land.

On the way to the palace, he faced a terrible troll, a dark forest, a scary bear and a hungry guard... and by the time he arrived at the party the cake has been destroyed piece by piece. He had nothing to give the princess... but offered her the wonderful story of his adventures with the cake. 

The princess thought it was the best present ever. It was her favourite gift and the beginning of her friendship with Tom.

Tom could have given up, turned around and gone back home when things got tough - but he chose to be strong and continue to the party. 

Jesus wants us to be strong, to remember that it doesn't matter how young or old we are, how poor we are, how small we are, or that things don't always turn out as we'd planned... what matters is that we always try to do our best, to live in God's way serving and loving others... not trying to impress others, but showing God's love by our actions.

We made hangings from recycled CDs with mini mirrors, to remind us to reflect the way of Jesus in the world through our actions... and allow God's light to shine through us.

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