Saturday, 30 May 2020

D.A.T. #11 | Pentecost

We each have unique gifts. None are more important or less important than someone else's, as they all come from the Spirit that Jesus promised. God wants us to use our gifts to build each other up. We are all different. 

Can you think of a gift the Spirit has given you? Maybe you have a voice to sing praise, or can play the ukulele or another musical instrument? Maybe you have a mind to read and understand the stories from the Bible, and our Awesome Time messages each week. Maybe you have a willingness to pray, perhaps you even lead prayers in church sometimes, or for our Digital Awesome Time videos. Maybe you use your gift of artistic ability, to create beautiful artwork to illustrate God's love, and our awesome world. Creativity could be your gift, or you might help with technology, running the sound desk or video at church, or helping make videos for D.A.T. You may have a spirit of friendship, and show God's love to others through your kindness and caring.

We are all different. We may not all eat the same foods, we may speak different languages, watch different movies. We all have different gifts and talents - we are all part of the same Body of Christ and each person is valued and needed. Let's celebrate our uniqueness and use our gifts to connect with one another, help others and share God's amazing LOVE.

Listen to Monica read a devotion, based on our reading from Corinthians 12, from the book 'Indescribable', by Louie Giglio.

Here is a fantastic book, Drawn Together, about a boy and his grandfather who don't speak the same language, and have no way to communicate with each other. Watch the video to see how the boy and his grandfather use their gifts to finally 'speak' to each other for the first time.

BIBLE STORY | Acts 2 | Pentecost
Watch the video below, to hear the story from the bible about Pentecost.

Loving God,
Thank you for all the different kinds of people
who make up Your world.
We are like one giant fruit salad!
Thank You for all our different gifts and abilities.
Help us to include others, celebrate differences
and find ways we can share Your awesome love
wherever we go, with everyone.

Ngāti Fruit Salad
Check out this cool song from Siu and her sister!


Collaborate with someone to draw a picture. It might be with someone in your family, or with a friend, neighbour or relative elsewhere. You could draw half the picture, then drop it into their letterbox for them to draw the other half!

Illustration from: Drawn Together
by Minh Lê & Dan Santat
There are lots of different kite designs and tutorials around... find one you like and have a go at making your own kite! Take the family to a nearby park and try it out. We'd love to see your photos and videos of the first flight!

YouTube Tutorial on Kite Making
How to Build a Kite

We can’t see the wind but we know it’s there, 
it rustles the leaves and blows through our hair. 
God’s Spirit is with us, we know this is true. 
and people can see it in the things that we do. 

You could try writing your own pentecost poem. Think about the ways we know God is with us. What are some of the things people do that show God's love?

Have a great week out there everyone, and remember to send us your VIDEO for the PAPER PLANE PROJECT!

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