Friday, 15 May 2020

This week's champions

Well done to this week's challenge champs...

Lily and Emelia, for their beautiful hand-print bouquet art for their grandmother:

Our CHYPS Photo Challenge Championship was hotly contested. Our youth had to perform a balancing act... balance something on something, or someone on someone, or something on someone, or someone on something! 

Our three finalists were... Ella, Keegan & Corban | Dylan & James | Angie Sisifa

Ella did a double act- she balanced on Corban's back, with a laptop and books balancing on her head! Dylan and James spent over an hour perfecting their balancing act; Dylan standing on his hands on the picnic table, balancing a ball on his feet! They showed awesome persistence and determination, as did our fearless leader Angie, who finally managed to stand on a swiss ball!

After much deliberation from the judges, here are the results:

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