Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sharing Burdens

This morning our Awesome Kids discussed what a 'burden' is. There were lots of good ideas... some people thought a burden was 'something heavy, weighing you down' and others thought it was a 'problem or worry'. We brainstormed 'burden' and these are some of the things we came up with:

A burden can be...

  • worrying about a maths test
  • feeling lonely
  • being bullied
  • afraid of the night
  • worried about baddies
  • problems with friends at school
  • worried about the future
  • being homeless
  • not having someone to play with
  • feeling nervous before a race
  • not doing as well was we hoped
  • a school report!

We all agreed that when we share our burden with someone, we feel a little better. We know that Jesus is always with us, ready to share our burdens and help us through tough times. Just like the 'yoke' that links two oxen together to spread a load, Jesus will always be by our side, helping to 'pull our load' with us!  We have to remember to ask for help! One of our Awesome Kids shared that even a short little prayer, "Help me!" can really make a difference.

Here are some photos of our discussion and craft activity.

Sharing our burdens

Lightening the load feels great!

Berith helps Harry make his bookmark
Feeling lighter!
Spencer and Andrew with Bob

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