Sunday, 27 July 2014

Rainbow Promise Bands!

This morning, our theme was promises. Sometimes promises are hard to keep, but we remember that God promises to love us and be with us always, no matter what. We can ask God to help us keep the promises we make to our family and friends. To help us remember this, we made rainbow promise bands (rainbows are a symbol or reminder of a promise.)

During Awesome Time in church, Melanie gave the Awesome Kids a series of tasks to do. They had to jump up and down five times, twirl around, run up and down the aisle giving members of the congregation hi-fives, and finally pick up a heap of rubber bands Melanie had fired about the place.

Melanie promised that after they had completed these tasks, she would give them some sweet treats from her cake tin. BUT... to their horror, she tricked them - and when the tin was opened, it was full of onions! Melanie handed out an onion to each child, but they were very quick to point out she had broken her promise. Fortunately, Melanie was convinced by the children that it is important to keep a promise, so she swapped the onions for the chocolate lollies. Phew!

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