Monday, 7 July 2014

JOYFUL NOISE Holiday Challenge!

super easy DIY musical instrument for toddlers - use rubber bands and a box lid to make a fun "guitar"

Calling all Musikool Kids and Awesome Kids... here's a holiday challenge for you!

Send me a photo of yourself making a joyful noise - maybe you could create a homemade musical instrument, or turn some pots and wooden spoons into a drum-kit, perform a song and dance routine, or collect some shells and driftwood from the beach and make music with them!

Whatever you choose, get Mum or Dad or a grandparent to email your 'Joyful Noise' photo (along with your name and maybe a sentence or two about it.) 

There will be prizes for the most creative, cutest, strangest, funniest musical photo, biggest band, and voter's choice.

There are lots of ideas for making instruments on this website: pinterest musical-instruments

Have fun! 

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