Sunday, 13 July 2014

Does your family drive you crazy?

Let's face it, we all have someone in our family who drives us nuts at times! This morning our Awesome Kids talked with Carol and Marie about our families... and we heard that there are stories in the Bible about brothers and sisters not getting along, and sometimes it can seem like our own family is in a MESS - but God loves us anyway, and calls us to be God's people.

Here is the prayer our twins, Ella & Keegan shared with us:

God, we thank you for filling our lives with so much love, and giving us love to share with others.  

Lord, even though we love the people in our family, there are things about each one that drive us a little nuts.  Hear our prayers for the things in our family that drive us a little nuts.

Help us to be patient and kind, and make good choices. Help us to be courageous,  and scatter our love everywhere we go, In Christ's name we pray. AMEN.

Here are some shots of our Awesome Kids with their siblings - showing that we can all drive each other a little nuts sometimes, but we really love our brothers and sisters and with God's help we can learn to get along.

Isabella and Sophia

Monica and Izak

Corban and twins; Ella and Keegan

Livvie and Liam

Tamu and Tia

Twins; Rachel and Vanessa

We all drive each other a little nuts sometimes...

Thank you God for filling our lives with so much love!

And because today's bible story had some soup in it, Marie kindly organised for some delicious soup for our Awesome Kids to share! Yum!

Jacob and Esau
from our bible story today

The Awesome Kids try to guess what vegetables Marie put in her marvelous soup!

Check out the reactions to the brussel sprout!

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