Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Wise Owls

This week is all about owls and bread.

We talked about what it means to be wise. Caleb pretty much summed it up: He said, "Being wise is being thoughtful, and making good decisions."

We discussed wise decisions, and what it is to know right from wrong, and to be able to figure out what to do in difficult situations.

Jesus used stories called 'parables' to explain how God wants us to live. Sometimes in Awesome Time, we use modern-day stories, picture books or plays to help explain God's messages from the Bible. This week, our Awesome Kids helped act out a story based on a picture book written by Robin Tzannes, called Sanji and the Baker.

There was a poor man, called Sanji, who lived in a small room, it was simple but quite cosy. The best thing about it was it was right above the baker's shop. Every morning, Sanji would step out onto his balcony and take a deep breath, and whiffed and sniffed the heavenly aroma of freshly baked bread. Mmmmmm....

Sadly, Sanji couldn't afford to buy the bread from the bakery. He had to make do with standing on the balcony and inhaling the lovely smells coming from the bakery.

One day the grumpy baker insisted Sanji pay him for the smells he had been enjoying. But Sanji was poor and had no money so the baker took him to court. The wise judge told Sanji to return the next day with 5 silver coins. Sanji had to borrow from everyone he knew for the five coins, but... the coins were not to pay the baker. Read the book and find out how the wise judge used the 5 silver coins to teach a very valuable and amusing lesson. 

Whilst the Baker made some bad decisions and did not live in God's way, Sanji's friends were compassionate and generous, lending him the coins even when they knew he probably wouldn't be able to pay them back. And the judge, well he was super wise... you'll just have to read the book to find out why!

The lesson for us was, to think about what it means to live wisely. To live in God's way of love and kindness, sharing what we have with those in need.

Jesus said, "I am the bread of life." 

Jesus was always concerned about the physical needs of people. That's why he spent so much time feeding the poor, healing the sick. But he wasn't just concerned about empty stomachs, he was even more concerned about empty hearts. 

As we share our bread together, with the hungry, let us also share the story of Jesus, the Bread of Life, and celebrate that God's never-ending LOVE is for everyone, no matter how poor or rich. Let us share that LOVE and kindness and generosity with everyone too.

To help us remember...

We made some cool, crafty, wise owls - some to take home and some to go up in the Chapel Street Art Gallery. And we enjoyed some beautiful freshly baked bread!

Thanks to Ella and Daniella, we had some lovely pine cones to make some wise old owls with!
Introducing our newest Awesome Kid:

Not only was it YOUTH SUNDAY, and we were so happy to have lots of youth leading our service, but Sunday was extra special as we got to meet Rev Anne Preston, who will be minister at Christchurch North Methodist from early next year. Anne's son Jack joined our Awesome crew for the day. We look forward to seeing you again next year, Jack! Ka kite ano!

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