Tuesday, 28 August 2018


Last Sunday our Awesome Kids made PRETZELS. It was a lot of fun, and they tasted delicious! The shape of the pretzel reminded us of God's loving arms around us, loving us and protecting us. 

Some of our Awesome Kids and some "bigger kids" in the congregation helped act out a skit, explaining the Bible reading about The Armour of God.

Some big meanies came up to Monica and said some unkind things, whilst hitting her with balloons! How terrible! But... the Awesome Kids were able to help Monica find pieces of "armour" to put on, and she was able to deflect the bullies and their taunts, and popped their balloons. They went back to their seats looking very defeated :o)

We were reminded that God's love is always with us, not matter what we face in life...and although we might still get a bit bumped and bruised along the way, the never-ending strength of God's awesome love is with us, helping us to get through life's challenges.

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