Saturday, 25 August 2018

Percussion battles at FISH!

Tonight's FISH (Family Fun Night) was joyfully noisy - 22 awesome kids plus an assortment of awesome adults... lots of hoops, balls, the Fruit Game, a Family Feud game, and a Percussion Battle!

We had the 'Home' Team and the 'Office' Team. The 'Home' team were given a bucket full of kitchen implements, pot lids, teapots and packets of food. The 'Office' team had a computer keyboard, stapler, tissue boxes, pens, rubber bands, coffee cups, rulers and other items you might find in an office. Each team had ten minutes to compose and rehearse a percussion performance piece - and were judged by some special guest judges, Gracie's parents.

The rhythm was spot on, the enthusiasm and creativity outstanding, and in the end the judges declared it a draw. Keep an eye on the blog and we'll upload videos of the performances soon.

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