Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Henry the Rooster

Henry the Rooster.
Drawn by Dave the Artist & Storyteller Extraordinaire.
We began celebrating the Season of Creation, starting with Planet Earth Sunday. 

We talked about some of God's amazing creatures on Earth. Dave told a fabulous (true) story from when he was a kid... 

The story involved a rather unusual rooster named Henry and an outdoor loo. Dave had us in giggles over an unfortunate incident in the nighttime.

We marveled at how amazing our planet is, in terms of the incredible variety of life it supports. We remembered there are animals that are beautiful and wonderful, and some that are quirky or annoying, but they are all part of God's incredible creation.

Just as there is an enormous range of people on our planet - each individual so unique, with their own gifts and talents. Each person is created equal, each person is loved and treasured.

We are blessed to be surrounded by a bunch of amazing people in our church family, who love God, who love to meet together to sing and pray, and laugh, and help one another along this journey of life.

Dylan and Monica led us in prayer:
O God, thank you for this amazing world, for plants and galaxies, for oceans and birds. Thank you for the gift of your creation. Amen. 

Our Chapel Street Band led the congregation in singing Louis Armstrong's 'What a Wonderful World', helped along by Monica playing saxophone. 

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