Sunday, 27 August 2017

Girl Power!

This morning our young people acted out a skit of the story from the bible about 'Moses in the Bulrushes'. I think the story is very cool, as the heroes are actually heroines, two young girls, whose bravery and defiance and very radical plan led to saving the life of a precious baby. This baby grew up to be a very important person, who led a whole bunch of people from slavery into freedom. The courageous actions of these two young people - the quick thinking of the sister Miriam and the compassion of the Pharaoh's (king's) daughter - changed the course of history.

It is a great reminder to each of us, that with God's help we can be brave and in tricky, slippery, 'down-in-the-bulrushes' situations, even if it feels like the world is against us, we can do the right thing and make good choices, loving choices.

We made play-dough representations of the 'baby Moses in the bulrushes', there were some very interesting interpretations - even a Moses who bore a striking similarity to Ed Sheeran, complete with guitar.

We also decorated baskets, to remind us of the bravery of the Mum, the sister and the princess.

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