Sunday, 20 August 2017

FISH Report - Taskmaster edition

Tom's spectacular bow and arrow!

Last night was FISH, our special Taskmaster edition. We split into two teams and were given a variety of bizarre and hilarious challenges, each team earning points depending on how well the Taskmaster (Rev Neti) thought they did.

The first challenge was the Prize Challenge. People were invited to bring something they had made themselves, to try and impress the Taskmaster. Their items were scored according to how impressive Neti deemed them to be and they were awarded points for their teams.

Rev Neti gives Lily's hat the thumbs up!
Here are some of the items...
- gooey caramel cookies
- white chocolate Russian fudge
- bow and arrow
- a fairy patient and fairy doctor
- a hand decorated balloon face
- chocolate chip cookies
- paper sun visor (with bonus safety feature: rear reflector)
- poi (demonstrated beautifully)
- robot paper weight
- framed sketch of a lion
- Philomena (60 minutes of her time)

Many of the items were sold by silent auction this morning... the biggest ticket item being 60 Minutes with Philomena!

All proceeds from our auction are going to the Parsonage Fund.

Other challenges from FISH night included:
* Pea in a Cup (throw a pea into a cup from the greatest distance away)
* Footloose (follow a course through the hall, kitchen, hallway and back to the Taskmaster in the fewest steps possible)
* FISH Marketing (make a video ad for FISH, in 10 minutes)
* Treasure Hunt (follow the clues to find the combination to unlock the padlock to the lollie tin)
* Ice Breaker (melt an ice-cube in the fastest time)

Treasure Hunters in the kitchen!

Emelia found a clue!
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