Sunday, 7 June 2015

What We Hear

Before the service, I recorded a number of our parishioners giving messages to our children. I then played the messages to the Awesome Kids (audio only, no visual) and they tried to work out who was speaking. They did really well and knew almost all of the voices.

This morning was all about listening

Our service began with an invisible minister! We could hear Neti, but we couldn't see him. We wondered if due to the earlier than usual start of today's service perhaps Neti was still in his pyjamas and that was why he was hiding in the kitchen! 

But seriously... we explored what it is to listen for God's voice and that God talks to us in many different ways... but are we listening?

We can "listen" to God by reading and listening to stories from the Bible;
God will "speak" to us through others (our minister, Awesome Leaders, family members, friends and our church family;
God will "speak" to us through the Holy Spirit... for some of us this is like a 'thought' popping into our head... or a feeling deep inside our heart. It could be a message from God, or it could be your own thought, or it might just be a good idea. It is up to us to work out what is from God.

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