Sunday, 22 March 2015

God's love written on our hearts

What are some of the things you know "by heart"?
Some of the things our Awesome Kids suggested were; phone numbers, the alphabet, times tables, pieces of music or songs for school choir, script for drama audition.

We learnt about something that God wants us to know, "by heart":
We talked about what it means to live in God's way, and I asked how we know how to do "the right thing"? Our Awesome Kids said, "you just know, deep down inside." 

In our Bible Story today, Jeremiah told the people God loves everyone, all of the time, and we need to know that and remember that deep down in our hearts. 

Ella led the congregation in prayer;
"God of love, I am listening for your voice deep inside my heart.
Show me how to share your love with others. Amen."

Owl Babies
Upstairs during Awesome Time we shared the story Owl Babies by Martin Waddell (click here to watch a video version of the story). In Owl Babies, the baby owls Sarah, Percy and Bill are worried without their mother and are not able to calm themselves until their mother returns. When we have worries, God and Jesus are with us and when we pray our worries can be calmed. We need to know, deep down inside, God's love for us is real and strong and forever.

Solomon Islands
We watched a video of some children in the Solomon Islands, making their own fun and their own toys from their natural surroundings. We made cards, which Rev Devanandan will take over to them.

Making cards and hearts

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