Monday, 9 March 2015

Camp Photos

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Happy 4th Birthday, Andrew!
One of our highlights was celebrating a very special birthday... Andrew, who was born on 22.2.11 turned FOUR on the Sunday of camp. We all enjoyed a delicious cake and lots of birthday treats. Happy birthday Andrew!

Our theme for the weekend was 'Amazing gRace'. Like the T.V. programme, we raced 'around the globe' to different locations, completing challenges along the way. Our three groups each tried to work well together as a team, and race with 'grace', showing fair-play, humility and good humour! 

Our teams created high fashion garments (from newspaper and tape) in 'Paris', and participated in an ava ceremony and played kilikiti (cricket) in Samoa. We visited the Master Chef kitchen in 'London' where amazing sponge cake creations were made, and there were other food challenges involving eating raw chili, dry weetbix and sardines!

One of the most hilarious challenges was in 'Mumbai, India' where teams were shown a video of a Bollywood dance routine, Jai Ho, from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Teams were given 15 minutes to create their own version of the dance and then performed it to the other teams. Below are a couple of photos - and you can find more by following the link above.

Bollywood dancing - Christchurch North Methodist Style!

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