Friday, 2 May 2014

Wear white this Sunday!

This Sunday Funday, Richard and Jillian are your Awesome Leaders and have a bit of a problem they need your help with. It’s all a bit of a puzzle, with a mysterious missing piece... can we solve it? YES WE CAN!

This Sunday is also “Fakame”, which might sound like a bit of a mystery to most of us... but as Netili, Tomas, Spencer & Andrew know,  Fakame is White Sunday, a Tongan tradition. In Tonga, Fakame is the first Sunday in May where everyone dresses in white and celebrates the knowledge the kids and youth have about Jesus.

You’re all invited to come dressed in white – it could be a bit of a challenge for some of us! I’m off to hunt around in my wardrobe now!

Have a great day tomorrow, I know lots of winter sports starts up again tomorrow – have fun and tell us on Sunday all about your games and holiday news!

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