Friday, 14 March 2014

Caterpillars and butterflies this Sunday Funday

Hope you’ve had a great week. This Sunday Funday, Richard, Jillian and Alannah will be your Awesome Leaders. You will be transforming caterpillars into butterflies, and there will be a wee prize-giving upstairs for those of you who entered this week’s challenge on the blog.

Keep Sunday 30th March free, as that is when we will be presenting our Camp Service. If you had a part in the camp service, for example acting in the play or reading something out, we would love you to ‘do your bit’ again on 30th March for the rest of the church family. If you didn’t have a part up the front, we would still love you to come, to join in the fun and we’ll also show a video from camp with lots of great waterslide shots of course!!!

See you soon!

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