Sunday, 2 March 2014

Awesome Kids' Children's Day

What a lot of fun we had this morning... we had a ball in church (quite literally!) Quite possibly, it was the first time a giant beach-ball had been thrown about among the congregation. When someone caught the ball, our roving reporters were there to ask them a question about their childhood. Some very interesting stories were told, as adults revealed who didn't eat up all their dinner, who was naughty at school, and I wonder if you can guess which elderly lady had a large rubber spider as her favourite toy!

We then went upstairs to transform some ordinary looking gingerbread people into colourful, delicious creations. And, just as we are all different and unique, there were no two cookies the same.

We also talked about a church in Papua New Guinea, and we have decided to write some letters to the children there. We began working on some "Introducing Me..." artworks, which we will continue with in a couple of weeks time. If you missed out today, that's OK, it won't take you long to catch up next time.
Barabara's favourite book was 'Winnie the Pooh.'

Lois got up to lots of mischief while her mother had a nap.

Dave used a rubber-band slingshot to fire clods of dirt at the neighbour's house!

Diane was strapped at school for throwing chalk at a boy!

Gloria got the cane for playing where she wasn't supposed to be!

Mrs Barritt (the Spider Lady!)

William about to toss the ball into the congregation.

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