Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Art Therapy

On Sunday we talked about how sometimes our stomachs feel like they are tied up in knots. It might be because we are anxious, worried, scared or sad... but we heard a story about Jesus's friends, the disciples, and how when they were feeling all tied up in knots, Jesus came and breathed on them, and said, Peace be with you.

Knowing Jesus's love and peace is with us, helps unravel those knotty feelings and gives us a sense of calm and peace. Jesus wants us to share that love and peace with others through our kindness and caring.

In the Awesome Kids' room, we took a deep breath and delved into the art and craft cupboards... spreading all the amazing supplies out on the tables. It was a very happy, peaceful time for everyone, fossicking through all the resources and creating whatever we felt like. It was wonderful to see the young people expressing themselves through their art.

Some took bags of crafty resources home to make things during the holidays. Beth has got a head start, and her Mum shared this beautiful photo with us, of Beth's amazing artwork. Great job, Beth!

We look forward to seeing what everyone else makes!


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