Sunday, 7 March 2021

Stop Motion Videos

This morning our Awesome Kids created creatures from modelling clay to celebrate all the weird and wonderful things God has made in our world.

Livvie led us in prayer, asking God to help us remember to be thankful when we see a raindrop on a blade of grass, a ladybug crawling along a leaf, all the stars in the sky, or a beautiful sunset or sunrise.

We also talked about the Ten Commandments... guidelines God has given us to help us live in God's loving ways. Sometimes rules can feel boring and tiresome, but when we gave our 'robot' (Izak) the right commands to follow, he was able to make his way to the prize (a chocolate). Following instructions or rules can actually bring us joy and help us to live in love and happiness :o)

Izak and Callum made a stop-motion video to illustrate how we should live by God's laws, showing kindness and care for one another.

Watch Izak & Callum's video here:

Here are the boys hard at work:

After church, Monica led our ukulele group, AbsolUKE for another jam:

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