Saturday, 22 August 2020

D.A.T. 15 | Not all Superheroes Wear Capes

This week our story is about two heroes you may not have heard about before... 

Imagine meeting the most powerful person in the country, and when you meet him he asks you to do something bad... really, really bad. What would you do? 

Meet Shiphrah and Puah. This happened to these two women, and they chose to be heroes. They risked everything and their choice saved the child who would one day save their nation.

You can learn more about what happened next to baby Moses by watching the video below... and discover more superhero women showing courage to do the right thing.


1. Imagine: 
Image you are a superhero with superhero powers... what would they be? What would you hope to do with your powers? Draw a picture of yourself in your superhero outfit.

2. Poster: 
Make a poster promoting the wearing of masks to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

3. Mask Design: 
Design (and even make) your own face mask.

4. Superhero Photo:
Dress yourself up as a superhero, take a photo in your best superhero pose and email it to us.

5. Courage Words:
Through the courage and love of women, Moses was kept safe. Create a Basket of Courage Words as reminders of God's loving care. Draw a basket shape on paper and add lines to make it look like a woven basket. Write inspiring words on strips of paper and tape them to the basket. Here are some ideas:
God's love never fails.
God is always with us.
Friends are signs of God's love.
God helps us act with courage.
I can be a brave helper.
God gives us courage to stand up for love.
God helps us make hard choices.

6. Thank a Superhero
Make a thankyou card to give to one of your heroes. Thank them for being so awesome.

Loving God,
Thank you for always being with us. Thank you for giving us courage to stand up for love, even when it is hard. Please help us to show brave love this week. Amen. 


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