Sunday, 24 November 2019

Christ the Servant King

This morning in Awesome Time and in Hot Chocolate Club, we learnt about Jesus the King... but not a normal king... Jesus the Servant King. Jesus came to serve the lowly, the poor, the lonely, the sick, the frightened, the sad. He is a kind, caring and loving king. He didn't have lots of money, a flash castle or wear a shiny crown.

Our Awesome Kids planted petunias in little pots, to gift to the king... and gave them to people in the church.

Our Hot Chocolate Club talked about what it means to be a good leader... here are some of the qualities they look for in a good leader:

  • Someone who is fair
  • Someone who does not discriminate
  • Someone who shows kindness and is caring
  • Someone who leads by example, not by bullying
  • Someone who recognises the gifts and strengths of others and gives them opportunity to use them
  • Someone who gives clear instructions, without being bossy or trying to take over
  • Someone who is supportive and encouraging
We then offered someone the chance to step up and be a leader, to create a game or challenge for us all and lead us in that. It was proven that it is not easy to be a leader and uphold all of those characteristics we listed!

We are grateful to have Jesus as our Leader, who is all of those things and more.

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