Sunday, 15 September 2019

Storm Sunday

Today was Storm Sunday and we celebrated that through all life's storms, big and little, God is right here with us - giving us love, care, shelter and strength.

We performed a skit, based on the book 'Underneath a Cow' by Carol Ann Martin.

The rain came down, lightning flashed, thunder roared (and thanks to percussionists Izak and Jack, we had all the awesome sound effects!) and the animals ran to find shelter. Maude, the brave and kind cow, offered a dry, safe place to shelter, underneath her. So, all the animals squished in to shelter from the storm.

At the end of the story Maude said, 'It's good to be in a safe place, but sometimes we have to be a safe place.' We thought that this was a bit like God asking us to show hospitality to others, and share kindness, caring and love to help others through the storms in their lives.

Our ukulele group, AbsolUKE (together with help from percussionists) led the congregation in singing Tūtira mai ngā iwi, which talks about standing together, in love.

I particularly like this translation, from the Ministry of Education website, which has the words let us enfold each other.

Stand together people, in unity
Stand together people, in unity
Seek out the clearest vision and our love so strong
O our people, let us enfold each other
That we may all be one

It makes me think of Madge the cow, with all the other animals in her warm, loving care, sheltering from the storm. It reminds me of the way God embraces us with loving arms, holding us up and helping us through our troubles.

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