Friday, 26 October 2018

White Sunday Reflection

(Above: Monica with Hazel)

Monica's Reflection on White Sunday – 14/10/18

The way God designed our bodies is a model for understanding our lives, together, as a church... every part dependant on every other part.

Today we celebrate all the gifts God gives us, and recognise that we are meant to use these gifts not just for our own good, but for the good of the people around us. 

Our reading from Corinthians tells us that all the gifts support and add to each other. No gift is more special than any other gift. All are needed.

In 1 Corinthians 13, verses 1 and 2, it says that ‘whatever our gifts are, we are to use them lovingly, the love is more important than the gift.

Many people from our church family have helped and guided me, shaping me into the person I am today.

I’m sure many of you here will remember Doreen and Lester Riley. Growing up, Izak and I became very close to them, so much so, that we called them Grandma and Grandad Riley. Whenever we visited, they always had lollies in a little crystal jar on the coffee table, just for us. Something that had a big impact on me was learning that Grandad Riley never had a teddy bear growing up. So, when he became ill and went into Wesley care, we bought him a bear and took it into him. They always seemed so pleased to see Izak and I and really made us feel like we were part of a church family.

Theda Barritt, more commonly known as ‘The Spider Lady’ was someone I really looked up to during my childhood. She always had an interesting story to tell, and was eager to share and educate Izak and I, of her spider collection, which lived upstairs in her bedroom drawers. I learnt many things from her, which I am very grateful for.

In recent years, Hazel has taken me under her wing. She has shown such an interest in my life, keeping up with everything I’m doing and encouraging me. She even taught me how to watercolour paint, which has given me a great head start for NCEA level 1 art. A lot of the techniques she has taught me, I have been using to complete my current assignment.

Dave has helped some of our young people by giving them volleyball tips, and teaching them about electronics. He has been very supportive of my music and sport, even going to the extent of finding parts for my saxophone, and texting or emailing after a big sporting event to see how I went.

Even those younger than me have taught and given me things. For Example, Dylan helped me learn how to do flips on the Trampoline, and all the Awesome kids bring a smile to my face every Sunday. I am in awe of the confidence of them, getting up in church and speaking, or singing in the band at such a young age.

I get a lot of happiness, by teaching them the ukulele, and helping out in Awesome Time.
Every person contributes to the life of the church, and has gifts and talents to use, whether you know it or not... just like some parts of the body are a mystery as to what they do, and what they are for, they are still a part of the body and, are needed.

All you Awesome Kids here know every super hero or heroine has a super-power, a special gift. But the difference between them and their arch-rivals is how they use their gift. The message today, is that the superest gift of all, is the gift of love.


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