Saturday, 7 July 2018

Dave's story

Dave took Awesome time a couple of weeks ago on the story of  Choosing a king. We made heart magnifying glasses to show that God looks into our Hearts for goodness, “Love the Lord Your God with all your heart” as David did.

This is the story Dave told in church, with the help of some actors:

God told Samuel to choose a new king
King Saul will die in a few years in the Spring.
“Go to Bethlehem to the house of Jesse
One son you will choose, even if he’s messy”.

So we’re at Jesse's house, with God’s anointing oil
To anoint a king, to be truly Royal.
So Jesse lined up seven sons,
Some looked like they should eat more cream buns.

So this is the way I imagine the meeting went.
All the sons lined up, time well spent.
They all lined up next to each other
Seven in a line, brother next to brother

This is the eldest his name is Enzro
He plants the crops and makes them grow.
I look at him and Gods says NO.

Son number two this one Izak
He has a secret girlfriend in the house up the back.
Not this one, so stay on track.

This is Monica, funny name for a bloke,
He runs so fast, leaving others in smoke.
Not this one either, it’s becoming a joke.

Next was Ruard tall and thin
One day he could be the king.
in my heart God said to me,
sorry this one’s not to be,

 Number five, sorry not  James,
heck I’m beginning to run out of names
So let’s continue with God’s games

So now we arrive at son number six
Lets throw Neti into the mix
Not this one, more of God’s tricks?

Finally this is son number seven
Surely God chose him, from His place in Heaven.
Please don’t let his name be King Bevan.

Do you have another son,
By any chance another one?
Otherwise my job’s not done.

Yes there’s David, we call him Dave
He’s out tending the sheep, he’s very brave.
But he’s not even old enough to shave.

God has sent me David, to choose
I followed all of God’s quiet clues.
Anoint him as king, as God had commanded.
To one day rule the land, single handed.

So that’s the story of David.

The spirit of God was upon David and he eventually became king. In the  bible, there are lots of stories about David, remember the one about a giant named Goliath?
A story for some other time..

Thanks to our Dave, for writing such a great script!

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