Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Secret symbols

Last Sunday our Awesome Kids learnt about the special sign early Christians used to show they were a Christian.

During the time when Christians were being persecuted by the Roman government, the fish symbol was used like a password to find out if another person was a Christian. Someone would draw a half circle in the sand with their toe and if other Christians were nearby they would casually draw the other half of the circle to make a fish shape. The symbol could be quickly erased before any Roman authorities noticed.

Fish symbols have been found carved and painted all over the walls of the catacombs – tunnels under Rome where Christians used to meet secretly 2000 years ago. The fish symbol is still very popular today and it still means, “I am a follower of Jesus.” 

On that note... make sure you join us for FISH (our Family Fun Night) on Saturday 28 April at the Chapel Street Centre. 5pm-7pm. Fun, friendship and fish (chocolate) guaranteed!

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