Friday, 9 March 2018

Buttons come and buttons go...

Hi Awesome families!

Join Carol and I for Awesome Time this Sunday, where we will meet Pete the Cat. Pete the cat just loves his favourite shirt with its four groovy buttons... but what happens when one by one those buttons pop off and roll away? (Those of you who were at camp will be able to help us out with this!)

The bible tells us that some days are just like that. Sometimes things just don't go right. But, the really awesome thing is that no matter what happens, no matter where we go, God is always with us and LOVES us so much. 

Come along on Sunday to find out what Pete does, do some singing with us, and make some fabulous Pete the Cat creations to hang in the Chapel Street Gallery. We will be using permanent pens, pastel crayons and collage... so it will be messy! If you have any cool fabric or groovy buttons you'd like to bring along to use on your own art, or have some to spare and share, that would be great!

There will also be AbsolUKE the ukulele group, after church, during morning tea (in the Awesome room). All are welcome!

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