Thursday, 10 April 2014

Awesome Challenge 5 - Bad News, Good News

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, when we hear the story from the bible about Jesus visiting a small town. It's a real good news story... the people were so happy to see him and cheered and waved palm branches. Easter is coming, and that's a bit of a bad news, good news story. We'll talk about that next week, but in the meantime here is the latest Awesome Kids' Challenge:

PART 1: Can you think of your own "Good News, Bad News" story? A time when something great turned your frown upside down? Have you ever had a terrible, horrible, very bad, no-good day... and then something really wonderful happened that cheered you up? Send your stories to me by email, or ring me up, or click on comments below.

PART 2: How did Jesus arrive in town on Palm Sunday?
Was it...
   a) in a limousine
   b) in a taxi
   c) he walked
   d) he rode a donkey

You can answer part A or part B, or both - it's up to you! All your answers will go into the draw for a fantastic Easter surprise! Challenge closes 20 April.


  1. I fell out of a tree and then my brother came along and he cheered me up by pulling funny faces.

    1. What a good brother! Thanks for entering Dylan, see you Sunday!

  2. donkey
    we couldn't find a park at the car park so we gave up and went to go home when we fond a park.

  3. I ran round a quarter of my cross country with out my left shoe. but came sixth place.


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