Sunday, 24 July 2016

If Jesus came to your house?

What would you do if Jesus turned up at your house? Would you hide? Scurry down to tidy up your room? Would you offer him a cup of coffee? Show him your tree-hut? Play a game with him? Sing or play a song for him? Ask him heaps of questions?

Last Sunday our Awesome Kids checked out the story in the bible about Jesus visiting the home of Mary and Martha.

It is a story about siblings, choices and consequences. Some choices are better than others, and before we act we need to think carefully about the consequences (what will happen).

Using M&Ms (Marys and Marthas) we answered questions about the Mary & Martha story. We played M&M bingo as well.

Next time you are in the middle of homework, or chores, music or sport practice or just kicking back or playing... remember that Jesus is with you. Share your thanks and your hope with Jesus. You can celebrate the presence of Jesus wherever, whenever and whoever you are... whatever you are doing.

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