Sunday, 17 May 2015


This morning we talked about waiting, and about waiting to be chosen. Most of us have had times when we were waiting and hoping to be chosen for special things or important jobs... like class leader, road patroller, teacher's helper, speaker in assembly, or for a part in a play.

After careful consideration and a bit of waiting... Jillian chose some people to help her with this morning's drama. Richard was a young Chinese boy, Ping and I was the Emperor. Others were chosen to play the 'young people'. The story of Ping and the Empty Pot (Jillian's version) showed a different way of how someone was chosen for a special job.

In the bible story today we learnt that Jesus uses average, ordinary, un-famous disciples (like us) to do important work... such as spreading the Love of God in the world.

We painted pots and planted in them a mystery bulb... we shall have to wait to see what grows! 

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