Monday, 6 April 2015

Blessed are those who have not seen, yet believe!

Do you like surprises? I do! On Easter Sunday we had quite a few surprises. I will post some photos in the next day or so, of some surprising hats which went through quite amazing transformations, but in the meantime read about one of our surprises in church:

First, I scoured the congregation for someone dressed in their Easter best (it was Mr Mardon), and brought him up the front. He looked very dapper in his black and charcoal striped shirt, and shiny grey tie.

I had the congregation shut their eyes (except for the children) and something rather unbelievable happened. When the adults opened their eyes, the eye-witnesses (the Awesome Kids) tried to convince the adults that I had cut Mr Mardon's tie in half. Of course, they wouldn't believe that - as if I would do such a thing! It sounded ridiculous! Outrageous! UNBELIEVABLE!

We shared the Easter story from the bible.

God is proven the most powerful being in the universe. 

On Friday the bad guys thought they had won.  They had killed Jesus and sealed his dead body in a guarded tomb.  On Easter Sunday, Jesus totally surprised them and blasted out of that tomb proving that God and God’s ways are the most powerful power in the universe.  It is the ultimate good guys beat the guys story. It might sound pretty unbelievable, but WE know the truth.
And the tie?
Now, back to Mr Mardon. Had I cut his tie in half? It sounds pretty unbelievable, really. And yet... when Mr Mardon turned around, the truth was revealed...
Blessed are those who have NOT seen and yet believe.

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