Tuesday, 28 July 2020

A Walk in the Dark

For our first night back at CHYPS | CHapel Street Young People's YOUTH GROUP, our intrepid leader, Angie led us on a walk in the dark around the block. We paired up with someone we don't usually talk with, or someone we haven't seen in ages and had to discuss... (1) something interesting we noticed along the way, (2) something we did in the holidays and (3) something we are thankful for.

On our return to the church hall, we shared some of the things we'd talked about on our walk, and then launched into some ball games.

We finished with our 5 minute 'God-Time' where we made paper darts to throw, symbolising 'arrow prayers' (a short one or two word prayer). 

Our supper included scrummy hot pizza, chocolate fudge slice, chips and ice-creams with chocolate fish. 

We're looking forward to doing it all again next month!

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