Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Ocean Sunday

Last Sunday was the first Sunday in our Season of Creation. Our Awesome Kids, and in fact the whole congregation, celebrated Ocean Sunday. We followed the fish into church, through the waves, and sang Julie Wylie's beautiful song, Listen to the Waves, Jesus is Lord.

In Awesome Time the young people made pearl and shell necklaces for someone special, and some goodie bags filled with delicious treats to give to a Dad, grandad, uncle, or caregiver, or another someone special on Father's Day:

Popcorn - because you are my 'Pop'
Pretzels - because you love me and teach me through all life's twists and turns
Raisins - because you are 'raisin' me to love God
Kisses - because you give me the best kisses

Carol told a great story in church...

Have you noticed that when you walk along the beach you find things that have been washed up, after rolling around deep in the ocean? Seashells are often washed up and the crashing of the waves sometimes leaves these seashells broken, chipped, or less than perfect. 

Life can take all sorts of twists and turns, and ups and downs, and we might feel a bit like we are a seashell crashing about in a storm on the sea. The winds are violent around us, the waves crashing and bashing and it might feel like we may drown. But then, just like the waves of the sea are calmed, God steps in and calms our own storm.

When we put our trust in God, we can see that even in the murky waters of trouble, God is with us. Like the seashell that washes up on the shore, that has withstood the violet waves, so shall we. The treasure that we see in that lovely seashell is also how God sees you and me... a treasure that is beautiful and worthy to hold on to!

And, no two shells are exactly alike, just like no two people are exactly the same. Each shell has its own individual markings and identity. Just like us - we all have our own unique beauty..

So, when you see a seashell, let it be a reminder to you that you are special and unique and that God is faithful, even in the storms of life.

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