Monday, 9 September 2019

FISH in September

Last Saturday night at FISH, we enjoyed some of our old favouries, such as GIANT PICTIONARY, If You Love Me Honey Smile, a puzzle race and an interesting version of Hockey.

A new game was GOBLIN, where one person was the tagger and chased everyone all around the complex. Spencer was our speedy goblin, and we had to be quick and clever to evade him. If he tagged someone, they had to freeze and could only be unfrozen by two people and a zippy sound effect.

The only way to defeat the goblin, was to locate the pieces of a torch, which were hidden all around the building, assemble the torch and shine it onto Spencer. It took a lot of teamwork, but eventually Peatalisa 'saved' everyone from the cackling Spencer with the torch. A lot of fun!

Giant Pictionary. Thomas drawing a 'zoo'.

Spencer, the goblin, defeated.

Peatalisa, the heroine of the night!

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