Sunday, 2 March 2014

Awesome Kids' Quiz

In the meantime, here is our first ever Awesome Kids Quiz:
Answer the following questions by clicking on 'Comments' on our blog and be in to win a small prize.

Question 1: Describe the flag of Papua New Guinea
Question 2: What is the capital and largest city in Papua New Guinea?
Question 3: Who (from our parish) has lived in Papua New Guinea?


  1. The Papua New Guinea flag is half red and half black, five white stars on the black side and a yellow bird on the red.
    The capital of Papua New Guinea is Port Moresby.
    Marcia and Fred lived in Papua New Guinea.

  2. Question 1: One line through the middle diagonally, one side red other side black. Five stars on the black side. A butterfly cross tui on red side.
    Question 2: Port Moresby and Port Moresby
    Question 3: Fred and Marcia Baker
    From Jamie



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