Thursday, 11 June 2020

D.A.T. #13 | Part of a Team

Jesus calls us to be part of his team, to go out into the world and share God's awesome love. Each one of us is needed. Jesus can use all of us. We are not on our own... we are part of a church family, God's team... and we are loved, just as the entire world is loved, by God. Nothing can separate us from God's never-ending, awesome LOVE.

Watch this week's D.A.T. here:

Here's a cool wee video about being part of God's team:

If you feel like singing, here's a great song about being part of God's family:


Have a go at this week's quiz, based on the bible reading from Matthew 9:35-10:8.

Click HERE for this week's online QUIZ

Acrostic Poem
Write an acrostic poem, about the ways you can show God's love to others. Here's an example for someone by the name of Grace:

Give away a toy or book to someone in need
Remember to pray for people who are sad
Ask my parents if I can help make dinner
Carry a bag of groceries for an elderly person
Encourage someone younger than me

To-Do List
Jesus said to his disciples, “Don’t go to some far-off place, but stay near here and tell the people about the good news of God’s love.
Heal people who are sick.
Care for people who are left out.
Tell them that God’s peace is already here.
You have received a lot, so give just as much to

Make a list of ways we can be helpers of Jesus. A good place to start might be... What are some of the things we could do to help people who are left out?

Word Art
Make the word TEAM using different materials. You could make it out of playdough, people, Lego, spoons, sticks, flowers... anything! Be creative. Take a photo and send it in to us!

Create a poster with the words... In a World where you can be anything... BE KIND.

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